CNC Machining Services


Our machine shop is equipped to take on nearly any job with speed and precision. At the core, all of our manufacturing operations are simply a matter of process design - pairing well-designed processes with quality machine tools results in consistent throughput and virtually zero scrap.

At the end of the day, this means on-time delivery of quality parts for our customers.


Our horizontal mill allows for lights-out production of multi-axis parts ranging from small to large, with travels of up to 31″ in all directions. By leveraging computer simulation, custom fixturing, and data analysis, we are able to eliminate extra operations to decrease cost, increase throughput, and virtually eliminate scrap.
All of this work translates into hard cost savings to our customer and increased supply chain consistency.


Our CNC turning capabilities include 4 axis, live tooling, and a bar feeder for efficient automated production of mill/turn parts.

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From the start, we have built a proven track record of designing products and bringing them to market. Whether you have only an idea and a sketch, or a full-blown engineering team, we're here to help.

Our clients range from one-man shops to large established companies, and we aim to bring a manufacturer's perspective on how to optimize design to achieve the functional goals of the component while at the same time staying within cost, time, and volume requirements.

Unifying design and manufacturing results in quick development times, cost-effective production, and superior end results.

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