We provide CNC machining and engineering services for clients across a range of industries. Our goal is to improve our customer's supply chain through speed, consistency, and communication. Manufacturing success comes from excellent product design paired with excellent process design.

Rapid Production Rollout

 Our operation is designed to be fast and lean, providing extremely fast turnaround times on both prototype parts and full production runs. We have been able to provide out clients with full volume mass production rollouts in as little as one week from initial order.

Cost Effective CNC Machining

Cost Optimization

 We understand that your business requires accurate, fast, and cost-effective production that does not compromise any aspect of the end product. We utilize the latest software and tooling technology to provide extremely fast and accurate results, and provide realtime DFM feedback to your engineering team.

Flexible & Adaptable

With many of our clients being high-growth startups, we build our processes from the ground up to be able to adapt to design changes at the drop of a hat. Rather than waiting weeks for tooling changes, we are equipped to change specifications with minimal production interruption.

Featured by Autodesk Fusion 360

December 23, 2019

We were honored to be visited by the Autodesk Fusion 360 team to tell the story of our company and showcase how we use Autodesk products.


By gaining a complete understanding of our client's needs and goals, we can provide stellar results from start to finish across multiple projects simultaneously. We integrate into our customer's existing structures of communication, document control, and logistics to ensure fast and clear communication. Communication is the core of our relationship - up front landed pricing, actionable advice on achieving cost savings, clear delivery schedules, and updates throughout the production process are just a few of the ways that we establish strong rapport with each of our customers.


We're proud to do things differently. We view each project we take on as a matter of process design, not just making a part and replicating it; manufacturing thousands of parts with complete consistency is a serious undertaking. From using custom fixtures to increase part density and take advantage of multi-axis machines, to nonlinear inspection rates linked to tool life management, we're always looking for new ways to innovate for our customers.

We also take speed very seriously, being able to deliver quality parts quickly as well as minimize turnover time between jobs allows us to streamline our customers' supply chains.

Strict Quality Control

When it comes to quality control, we don't just talk about it - we live and breath it. The QC process is central to everything we do, and has the final say as to whether or not a part leaves our shop floor. We've developed a company culture where we take personal pride in the quality of our parts, because the truth is that shops who ship only good parts are few and far between.

On our shop floor, you'll see constant in-process inspection methods being used, each one tailored to the task at hand. We use statistical process control to tailor our inspection rates to the job at hand, and we input all of our QC data into the computer to stack the computer generated model against real-world results.

Clever Process Design

Mass production is not just a matter of making one part and then duplicating it over and over again. We view every job we take on as a matter of designing a reliable process, rather than just making the same part over and over again. The result is clear and predicable timelines, near-zero scrap rates, and satisfied customers.

Customer-First Attitude

Customer relationships are our top priority. At the end of the day, we set ourselves apart by building a relationship where we understand how to add the most value possible to your organization. We always work to establish clear lines of communication with your engineering team, project managers, buyers, and/or executives, so we can understand and execute on whatever task is at hand. We don't want to just make parts - we want to make your life easier too.


As a young company, we are part of the future of the manufacturing industry. We aim to always push the envelope rather than simply accept the old ways of doing things.

Automated Production

Our manufacturing processes are designed to require as little human intervention as possible. Our equipment purchases are made with the intention of being able to integrate those machines into larger automated work cells as we expand.

The future of manufacturing will leverage existing and new technologies to efficiently mass produce parts at scale, all the way down to "batch size one" - all with minimal human intervention. Our mission is to lay the groundwork for this future today, so that we can continually develop towards a fully automated production process.

Workforce Development

As technology within the manufacturing industry has increased in complexity and productivity, many roles that have existed for years are now defunct. As these jobs disappear, new skillsets become in-demand -- in fact, one of the largest economic challenges facing California right now is that we do not have enough people to fill advanced manufacturing jobs.

Our goal as a developing company is to foster an environment where an employee's skillset can develop along with technology, rather than be rendered obsolete.

Future-Focused Industries

We love working with clients who tackle global-scale problems with innovative and unorthodox solutions. California is a hotbed of innovation with some of the most exciting and fastest growing startups in history. As technology becomes more intertwined with our daily lives, there is a need to manufacture the hardware-software interfaces that allow these technologies to interface with the real world.

As a manufacturer, it is exciting to collaborate with innovators and offer our help to bring their vision to life.


I got my start in CNC machining at Rocklin High School while enrolled in the EST program, where I was blessed with the opportunity to access hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment and software. The skills I learned from instructor Dan Frank have been the cornerstone of my business, and I do not take that lightly. I make it a point to visit the high school where I got my start and contribute time to teach the students in any way I can.

I'm a firm believer in the importance of teaching real-life skills to students in order to equip them to enter the workforce and contribute in their own unique way.

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